Brand Identity

Web Design

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Elegant, calming, natural is a beauty, cosmetic, and aesthetic company that is a new entrant in the market. As a branding specialist, I was tasked with creating a consistent brand identity that exudes luxury and class while also standing out from its local competitors. The challenge was to make the brand distinct from other clinics, but still captivating and alluring enough to attract a new audience.

Business card mockup display. above green mesh background with a shadow leaf sticker logo mock up. Light green stickers on dark green background
Branding tote bag, Bag is Olive green with white logo centred in the middle and orange straps, placed on a rock beach
Pattern branding for A repeat of the logo against a light green background and a variety of leaves in different shades of green
Social media design
Photography style for social media. Beauty aesthetic, lip filler, facials and teeth whitening