BackClay cosmetic typography logo with logo symbol along side type. The logo icon is oval, using three colours, peach cream and green with a hand gesture in the middle holding a leaf

Brand Design & Strategy
Web Design

This is a branding project I worked on for a botanical skincare company called Clay Cosmetics. The branding for this needed to feel simultaneously high end and luxurious yet colourful and fun. By mixing the simplistic and elegant font and popping colourful floral shapes, I aimed to find that sweet spot. The floral imagery and graphical curvy shapes i kept simple, which created an elegant flow throughout the packaging and web design.

Colour pallet for clay cosmetics. The colours are pastel green, pastel pink, Beige, and Orange.Hero image of textured clay, colour is Green
Mock up product with logo displayed on the bottle. The bottle is White
Clay cosmetics mock up design. Moisturizer  and two face creams
Clay Cosmetic product. Face primer, a blue bottle with a gold push down top
Clay Cosmetics product mock up. Three products, a white bottle and tub
Mock up of clay cosmetics products.
Green and Peach swirl pattern bottle of a mock up design of clay cosmetics products
Mock up design of Clay cosmetics web design layout on iphone. This image shows the layout of the product page. A white foundation bottle with the logo the front of the bottle and the title of the product just above the bottle, centre in the page
Web design on iphone. This shows the first page of the website which is the brands logo. The image shows a person holding the phone and pointing to the screen.
Iphone mock up of the brands website. This shows the information page of the 'about' section
Iphone mock up design of clay cosmetics. Showing information and the layout of the website
Mock up web design on iphone of the shop page, showing two products. One blue and one orange bottled product. Colour match with the branding
IPhone mockup for web design of the 'Contact page' The image shows a contact form and a hero image of a woman with a flower